Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If you really knew me...

In an effort to get to know each other, trust each other, and inspire each other a little for the next creative writing piece, I'd like you to take a little risk and post five things that you'd like other people in the class to know about you. The quirkier/more unique and personal, the better. Here are my five:

1. I am a terrible sport and throw a fit when I lose--especially when it comes to board and card games.
2. I have a phobia of people throwing up.
3. I like to watch one rerun of "Scrubs" before going to bed because I find it relaxing.
4. Sometimes I'd rather curl up in bed and read a book than go out and socialize. I would have never admitted this in high school because I used to think that it made me a dork. Now I'm automatically a dork because I'm old and a teacher, so I don't really care.
5. I spent three hours last night taking care of my very sick grandmother, who is currently having hallucinations. It was scary.

Your turn.


KaylaL said...

5 things about me...

1. I look skinny but I eat like a pig.
2. I hate feet, I think they are gross.
3. I LOVE watching Fresh Prince and Home Improvement.
4. I can't stand being cold, I love being warm. I can wear a hoodie in the summer.
5. I hate when people try to act like they know everything about me when they have no idea.

Maria A. said...

So....5 little facts about me that maybe you didn't know. :D

1. My favorite Disney movie is Pocahontas.
2. I still listen to the band BBMAK, I think they are amazing.
3. I turn on the radio or put music on every time I wake up and sing with it.
4. I help my friends with their problems and try to make them feel better before I help myself.
5. I love little kids and I don't think they are annoying because I think anyone can relate to one of them and I will addmit I am still like a little kid.

BrookeG said...

5 things anout me

1. My real last name isn't Grey, it's Goldberg. My grandpa had to change it when he was younger so that he could get into medical school, because our old last name sounded too Jewish
2. I hate it when people crack their necks it creeps me out
3. I love cloudy days and rain more than i like sunny days
4. I don't like it when people assume what i am and am not feeling
5. I don't plan on living in the US when I get older, I am going to live in London

kaseyb said...

5 things you might not know...

1. When people call me a stupid blonde I put on a face and try to laugh, but it really kills me inside.
2. I have an extreme obsession with eating Eggo waffles, they are totally addicting to me.
3. I try and live my life for the Lord, and its the best high in the world, but I hate when people categorize me for that. But I still wouldn't trade it for the world.
4. One time, I stole a sign off a coffee shop window, and I thought I was pretty darn cool.
5. I didn't have a 16th birthday party because we were too busy, but I really wish I had and that still makes me sad.

allie f. said...
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allie f. said...

5 things about me...

1. I am really self consious and I have low self esteem.

2. I hate when people call me Asian.

3. I still love listening to The Backstreet Boys while driving around with one of my best friend's, Caitlin.

4. I love London, Chicago and Puerto Rico, and I really want to visit Australia.

5. I am an emotional and senstive person and I make all these plans that never happen and almost everything I do happens unplanned.

rachelf said...

ok here goes...

1. When I was little I always gave strangers compliments, once I told the lady that had just cut my hair that I loved her!
2. My dad lives in Barcelona, Spain. I don't think it's as cool as everyone says because he is more if a father to my two step-siblings that aren't his, than to me and my older brother. Sometimes it feels like he has made a new family without us.
3. When I grow up I want to be a brain surgeon and have known this since I was in the fifth grade.
4. I often feel like I have to be as achieving/successful/good as my brother, or else my family will look down on me and I'll be disappointed in myself -he was a goody-two shoes genius, and he definitely set the standards high.
5. One of my goals in life is to go to all seven continents, so far I've been to three. I absolutely love to travel and learning about new cultures.

JordanR said...

5 things about me...

1. I hate when people judge me when they don't know anything about me, but somehow i happen to get judged a lot.
2. I'm self conscious sometimes but most of the time i try not to care about what people think about me.
3. I'm learning to play the guitar :)
4. I love meeting new people, and making new friends. I find it so interesting that you make guesses about people, get to know them, and then find out that they are completely different then what you thought.
5. I've lost a few close people in my life and it's just shown me to live my life to the fullest and be as happy as your can possibly be.

Shelby M. said...

5 things about me.

1.) I love to eat, its one of my favorite things to do.

2.) I have a MAJOR phobia of people cracking their knuckle, neck or what ever it may be. It makes me sick literally.

3.) I’m a very unplanned person I live my life never knowing what I'm doing.

4.) I’m a very emotional and sensitive person.

5.) My hands are literally always cold they never warm up.

Christine said...

If you really knew me...

1. you would know that I love to watch TMNT (the older versions)

2. you would know that i have a huge phobia of feet! I HATE feet especially when they touch my pillows!!

3. you would know that I like to sing, but am to shy to sing in front of others

4. you would know that I am always able to listen and help people with their problems and I have a knack for attracting people that talk about their deepest secrets

5. you would know that when I get mad... it's not a pretty sight. It's preety bad, like, I am not me when i'm mad. (ask my brother)

amandab said...

1. Skateboarding is my favortie sport in the world, and I love it more than anything. I love the culture and the true skill it takes to do the tricks, I honestly think it is a way of life as lame as that sounds, It's the best invention ever made.

2. I get along better with boys because I think girls are way to worried about the things that will make others like them and they just flat out annoy me. Also because I'm so close with my brother, we are more like friends then brother and sister, we have never fought a day in our life. Every single one of his friends are mine just as much.

3. I love fashion more than anything, I want to become a fashion designer when I'm older, either high fashion or for a skateboarding company.

4. I absolutely love giving to others, honestly it keeps me happy to see that someone else gets what they want.

5. I am a really easy person to get along with and talk too, I'm always the person people come too with their problems, I have actually saved two of my closest guy friends from commiting suicide.

Tabitha said...

5 Amazing Secrets of Arapahoe's Heartthrob... Me!

1. I can't remember one thing I regret.(except not asking for free pizza with Ab and Am) I'm not looking back.

2. I hate being in a Freshman Spanish Class, everyone thinks I'm a stupid sophomore, but it's not my fault I didn't take it last year.

3. I love going to Target for personal reasons, which only few people know.

4. I act all tough and outgoing, but deep down the smallest things hurt me and I'm really self-consious mainly about my appearance and mentally.

5. I hate all the spoiled rotten girls at our school, but mostly because I'm jealous that such horrible people got such amazing lives and take everything for granted.

KelliL10 said...

5 things about me..

1. I have a phobia of little black dots.
2. I play a game of solitaire before I go to bed each night and I have to win the game atleast once.
3. I get sidetracked way to easily.
4. I get along with everyone, I know it's hard to believe but I'm the nicest person you could ever meet and can be shy.
5. I would NEVER go barefoot in hotels or eat in hotels.

Bandido said...
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TraciAnn said...

What you don't know about me...

1. I don't open up to people easily because I am afraid of trusting people
2. I love to draw but I wish I was better at it.
3. I am frightened to death about speaking in front of large groups of people I don’t know why I am but I wish I wasn’t.
4. I want more then anything to be outgoing and friendly but I am too scared and too self conscious.
5. I wish I would take more risks and live life on the wild side because I don’t want to look back on my life later and know I missed out.

Keiko A said...

5 things about me...

1. I love to play sports but I hate practices, so the only team I'm on is softball, but I used to play laccrosse, soccer, and basketball.
2. I sometimes think that my parents view me as the humility child compaired to my brother because I'm not, nor I will ever be, the valadictorian of my class for 3 years in a row like he was.
3. My parents are going through a "trial seperation" right now and I have to help my mom move out of our house now and live with my dad.
4. I always have to watch About A Girl before I go to sleep.
5. I have been playing the guitar for the past 3 years, and still haven't gotten much better.

toreinm said...

5 Things About Me...

1. I Love Hannah Montana. :D
2. I Write With My Paper Sideways.
3. I Act Like A 5-Year-Old. And I Think Life's More Fun That Way.
4. I'm Extremely Ticklish. And I Make Funny Noises When People Tickle Me.
5. I Like To make Up My Own Words.

Whitney C said...

Hmmm…5 things about me…well…

1) I believe in fairies, unicorns, and mermaids! They are totally real so do not tell me that they aren’t!

2) I wear guy’s deodorant! ☺ I bet none of you knew that! Old Spice Aqua reef baby!!!

3) I am probably one of the biggest techno fans! You probably will never meet someone who likes techno as much as me! I listen to it every day and when I’m listening to it, I feel like I’m on the top of the world!

4) I am secretly obsessed with dancing! I LOVE TO DANCE!!!! P.S I’m actually kind of good at it. I get it from my dad who was totally the disco king (a.k.a: best dancer) back in his young days! I only wish life were one big dance party!

5) It is my goal in life to be called a hippie by everyone I meet…so basically if you say to me, “Whitney you’re such a hippie,” I take that as a HUGE compliment!

6) I know we were only supposed to do 5 but I want people to know one more! I ABSOLUTLY despise fake people who pretend to be somebody they aren’t only to get attention and so that people will like them! That’s totally not cool!! Be yourself!!!!! P.S I also do not like, at all, liars!! ☺

Allison M. said...

Five things about me...

1. I always need to have headphones in my ears, jamming out to some music. It sort of calms me down, I don't know but I freak out otherwise...

2. When I get really sad about something I curl up in a blanket, put on some old black and white movies, and eat my entire weight in ice cream. Yep, people actually do that... well at least I do :]

3. I value my individuality and the fact that I'm not afraid to stand out in the crowd. I used to have really horrible self confidence problems, until I realized I love being different!

4. I'm terrified of growing up. Sometimes I wish I was still an immature, ignorant, and obnoxious 8 year old, simply because I can't face the reality of what's going on in our world these days.

5. I never want to get married. I know that's strange, seeing as most girls are like, "Oh I can't wait to meet my perfect husband and have cute kids and live happily ever after!". I guess I'm just not really of fan of the concept of marriage. I love my independence.

mackenzief said...

5 things about me...

1. I have an unhealthy obsession with Troy Tulowitzki, and I have pretty much hit the stalker level....

2. I am EXACTLY one half Puerto Rican, and when people don't believe me I try to laugh it off but it really kinda hurts my feelings.

3. Sweatpants pretty much define me. Along with softball. It really does't bother me if I'm called a lesbo or some other stupid name for it, I live for that game.

4. I have not seen my real father, who is the Puerto Rican one, since I was two years old.

5. I will have my pilots license before my drivers license.

oh and My little brother, Jaxson is my best friend.
---sorry kayla :)but you are too.

hilary l said...

1. First of all I have to say that I try to live my life for Christ, although it has been a hard year with that.

2. I have to sleep in the cold. At night, even in the winter I have to open my windows to get me to fall asleep because I just cannot sleep in the heat.

3. I get my license in only 25 days!!

4. My first real food I ever ate was couscous. And if you don’t know what couscous is then you need to come to my house and have some. You people are deprived and need help.

5. I was in Rome when Italy won the world cup!! Best experience ever!!

chadf said...

Five things are

1.) When people make fun of me I act like I shrug it off but deep down it hurts.

2.) I hate how people are stuck up and don’t let outsiders talk to them.

3.) I write poetry in my free time to release anger.

4.) I hate spending time with large groups of people. I feel uncomfortable and unwanted.

5.) I want to be a College football coach when I grow up even though I don’t play football.

Jenna F said...

1) I'm really into music in other languages, mainly Japanese. I also watch a lot of Japanese TV Shows with subs... Its my little obsession...
2) I love to write stories but I won't let anyone who I know read them. I post them online.
3) I usually hide my emotions... It's a defense mechanism, I guess you could call it.
4) I love storms.... Like uber obsessed with them. It's my favorite pass time, walking in the middle of rain storm. It helps calm my mind.
5) For some reason, I am really good at Business oriented stuff. I am a very active member of FBLA... Emphasis on very.

jenniferb said...

1. I really want to travel Europe and maybe live in London.
2. I hate it when people crack their knuckles.
3. Even though I laugh at myself when I'm slow or don't get things and people make fun of me for it. It makes me sad inside.
4. I love to read romance novels especially on a warm summer day.
5. I am very organized and I always have to be on time to things.

TraciAnn said...

This is chelsea chapman

a few things about me...

>i try to never show people how insecure i am or how sad i am because i hate showing true emotion afraid people may think i am weak.

>i really HATE how caddy girls can be. i hate seeing girls pick on others and make others feel less important. i like how different everyone is and i think the little imperfections are what makes us unique.

>i love heights and when i am old enough i am going skydiving:)

>i hate being classified as "the red head" people make me feel like being different isn’t okay like if i only had blonde hair people would like me better.

>my dad died when i was two...i pretend like it doesn't hurt to talk about but in reality it’s hard not to choke up.

>its funny how you think you know someone and how you think their your best friend...i've been hurt so many times i wish i could be someone else.

TylerF said...

5 Things about me

1. My goal in life is to live for God. I try to do this in everything I do. My dream in life though is to be surf photographer and live in California. I don’t need a lot of money, just enough to get by.
2. Nothing relaxes me more then the ocean. Whether I am surfing or just sitting on the beach with some friends it brings me this feeling that everything is right. It just feels like that is the way life is supposed to be enjoyed
3. I really do surf. I am not just obsessed with it. I may not be as good as I want to be, but I actually can surf
4. I love my life. I really do. I have to deal with my fair share of crap, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love my friends, family, and even most of the random people I walk by on the streets.
5. My best friend was convicted on 4 felony counts in October, with up to 12 more charges to follow and I have talked to him once since. It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through.

nathanb said...
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nathanb said...

soooooo this is jaime on allison's blog because mine is messed up. kay so

1) i have a really bad habit of not finishing what i start.

2)I really like elephants and giraffes they are my FAVORTIE animals.

3)every morening i hate the fact that i have to take a pill to make me "happy" but i swallow it anyway.

4)i plan on being homeless for at least a little while in my life. i know what im getting myself into, and its an experience that i really want to have. I really dont care what others have to say about it.

5)im serisouly paranoid about dieing, and for some reason everywhere i go my mind likes to make up these situations where something bad happends to me... i know im weird haha.

chadf said...

Brooke rainy days really are better than sunny ones.

Bandido said...
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Travisg said...

5 things about me
1. I love waching chick flick's
2. I love walking on the beach when the sun goes down
3. I would rather be cold then really hot becasue you can always just ware a coat
4. I love going to bed late and getting up early
5. I want to own a farm when i grow up

Keiko A said...

Jason I don't really get the first one that you did, but I'm really slow in the morning so its probably obvious but I have a hard time figuring things out in beginning of the day.

TrevorG92 said...

1.I am terrible at doing my home work and blogs
2.I love to hang out with my family
3.I love being cold its just something i got used to hunting every saturday
4.I love to play golf which not a lot of people know
5.I am a very cheep person when it comes down to money

nathanb said...

Alright. here are a few things about me.

1.) I may seem happy at school, truth is I am. When I get home all things change. I get into moods that nobody will ever know about. Everything goes downhill and I get more depressed than you will ever see. I get more angry than you will ever be.

2.) I am bipolar, I am manic depressive, and I have severe anger issues.

3.) If you choose to judge me, go ahead. I don't care. If you want to judge me you aren't worth getting to know.

4.) I have strong religious beliefs. I'm not a Christian, I'm not Jewish, I'm not anything popular. Most of you won't consider it a religion. So I'm going to shuddup now.

5.) I snowboard. It's one of the only things that keeps me happy anymore.

Tabitha said...

Chelsea I think It's great that you don't like people that bring others down and make them feel like less, but how can you say that when your friends bring people like me down everyday.

toreinm said...

Eeeep. I Own Youuu.

I Love TMNT.
But We Stopped Getting The Channel That Gets It. =[

You Shouldn't Be Shy To Sing In Others.
Because I'm Sure You're Freaking AMAZING.
I Dunno, Just Cause Life's More Fun That Wayyyy.

Hmmm...You Attract People Who Tell You Their Deepest Secrets?
Isn't That A Good Way To Get Blackmail?

Just Kiddingggg.
Don't Blackmail People.
It's Illegal. I Think. I'm Pretty Sure. Maybe Not Though....

Eeeep. Christine Has Anger Issues? Oh Boy. Well I Is Not Going To Make You Mad. Hehe... :D


jake a. said...

5 facts

1. I am kind of afraid of snakes.
2. I basically love sports any thing that is compettitive i hate to lose .
3.i hate talking in front of large groups of people unless i am friends with them.
4. my family has a few farms in missouri .
5. i have a half sister that lives in texas.

KelliL10 said...

This is to...Amanda

I think that it is really nice and cool that you care alot about other people.

TylerF said...

I have been playing piano since i was like 7, but i can still barely play anything beyond yankee doodle.

I used to play a game of Solitare every night until i would win...but i would be up until like 3am so I stopped.

Bandido said...
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TraciAnn said...

This is chelsea chapman...

ha ha ha whitney thats so funny how you use old spice...i tried it once and it really does work better lol. plus it smells nice!

nathanb said...

I know we've been over this but I know what you're going through with the whole pill thing.
It sucks.
So yeah.
You already know this but if you need anything I'm here.

TrevorG92 said...

I agree with chad rainny days are better than sunny ones

kaseyb said...

I really love the ocean too. I find it so calming, but I don't know how to surf, but I really want to...teach me please!!

TraciAnn said...
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TraciAnn said...

I'm commenting on Brooke's...
1. I didn't know this!!!!! That's so cool I wish my family was interesting!I hate that too ugh
Rainy days are the best!!!

Bandido said...
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Jenna F said...

Hey Travis, why do you like watching Chick Flicks? And -_- I never would have guessed you wanted to own a farm.... I mean you are like the biggest hunter enthusiast that I know besides your brother.

amandab said...

I'm commenting to Whittney, I totally wear guys deoderant too, it's the best, it smells better than girl stuff and I actually use the same stuff you do, I thought I was the only girl who wore guys deoderant but I guess not!

KaylaL said...

Tabitha - I like your number 3 about going to Target... haha

Brooke - I had no idea Grey wasn't your real name, I learned something new

Jordan - I like your number 1, I feel the same way

Traci - I also hate speaking in front of large groups, I get too scared and wish I could

Whitney - You're a great dancer!

Mackenzie - You are way obsessed with Tulo

Travisg said...

Hey jen! yeah :) ur very orgonized and really what's in london? that would make you want to live there? yea i would love a farm! there so cool! haha i don't know why i like htem but i do!

Maria A. said...

Hey Torein! I also like to make up words but usually I dont notice it so I still tend to make up words anyways. haha

Hey allie! I want to go to London so bad! I know yours says that you love London but just letting you know that I really want to go there someday.

Hey Tabitha! I also don't remember anything I regret and I tend to forget things really easily.

Hey Rachel! That is so neat that you want to live in all 7 continents! I love to travel too and when I get older I would like to visit as many places as I can.

Hey Whitney! I also sometimes wear guys deoderant because dance is pretty intense sometimes and it is better to have stronger deoderant. haha

Hey Chad! I also write sometimes but the difference is that I write songs when there is nothing else to do or before I go to bed and not poems. I am actually horrible at comeing up things to write in poems.

Hey Jenna! I also LOVE rain storms! I love to just go outside and get soaked. There are also so many things you can do in the rain that are really fun.

Hey Tyler! I also think that ocean makes me calm too! I usually fall asleep on the beach when I go on vacation and end up getting a bad sunburn but it is worth it. haha And the ocean is the best thing ever! Just thought you would like to know that.

rachelf said...

I totally agree with you about not taking risks. I feel like I'll look back and regret not doing something but now I get too nervous to do it.

toreinm said...


I Loved Pocahontas. That Was An Amazing Movie.

Hahaha...Dood I Can't Do Anything Without Music Playing. Hahaha...

Eeep. Me Too. We're Very Loving People. Pretty Much. Hahaha...Cause We're Cool Like That.

I Know Dood. Little Kids Are Amazing. But It's So Much More Fun Acting Like One. Well Maybe Being One Was More Fun. Maybe. But I Kinda Like Acting Like One More Because People Give You Funny Looks. And Funny Looks Are...Funny.

Love Ya Maria.

jenniferb said...

Jordan, I also hate it when people judge other people before they even know them. And it's true that you might think you know someone but once you really get to know them they turn out to be completely different.

jake a. said...

travis yah its a good business to farm especialy cattle my grandpa owns a few farms in missouri. and chick flicks are bomb .

hilary l said...

First of all you are so beautiful and I love that you are blond. You are not dumb either, you are just hilarious and I am so sorry if I have every said that to you. And Kasey I think you should have told your story of climbing in a tree the other weekend for the first time in your life while eating a pop tart!! I love that about you that you find joy in the most simple of things. And I vote that we have a 16th birthday party together!! I didn’t plan one but it would be awesome to do it with you!!

Oh and I forgot to add something I absolutely love the smell of AC. Like the AC in the car is the most amazing smell in the world. Especially with minty gum in your mouth or on a rainy day.

mackenzief said...


I hate having that label too, eventhough my hair has gotten a lot darker, I know what you mean.

And about your Dad, we have kind of the same situation. Mine is dead to me.

I never realized how much we have in common.

AND you were the first person I ever met that still goes to Arap, in 5th grade, you were my "buddy"

ok and I really agree with every thing else that you said about girls.

TylerF said...

Whitney and Amanda

I where the same deodorant as both of you.

nathanb said...

traci: i have the same fear of trusting people. it takes me a ridiculously long time to have even the tiniest bit of trust in someone.

nathanb said...

that was me (jaime) commneting on what traci said

Christine said...

I get along with my brother too and i think you know my brother becuase our brothers are freinds!! if that made any sense what so ever. hahaha so ya!!

chadf said...

Travis CHICK FLICKS ARE COOL. Well some of them.

Travisg said...

yeah there are some of them that are not very good!

TraciAnn said...
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Jenna F said...

Kayla.... Wish I could eat like a pig and stay skinny. You're so lucky!

Tabitha said...

Whitney- I totally love Listening to Techno, but everyone thinks its ridiculous and assume that I'm a hardcore druggie ;). But it's amazing how your heart can move along with the beat.

jake a. said...

brooke rainy days are chill but i also like sunny days too

Jenna F said...

Mackenzie.... I can't emagine you as a stalker....

Keiko A said...

haha I think that it is cool that you guys like chick flicks! Thats pretty cool, yupp I'm not sure what else to say but alot of people are posting multiple times and I just had to jump on the bandwagon cause I have nothing better to do...

Ms. Kakos said...

Chad and Travis--Which chick flicks do you watch, just out of curiosity? I'm a big fan of "In Her Shoes" and "13 Going on 30" (I think that's what it's called).

KelliL10 said...


I totally agree with how you say that some of the girls in our school is spoiled rotten because they will never know what hardwork is. Maybe Im wrong but I know a few and they wouldn't know what hard work is if it was brought on a silver plate. Thats just my opinion.

Travisg said...

i like rainy days two but i think that the sun is better

Jenna F said...

Bandwagons in the middle of school... I'm suddenly reminded of the Rockies.... Who was a Rockies fan before they became good?

allie f. said...

this is to Jamie

I am totally like you on the first thing you said about how you never finish anything you start.


this is to Nathan..

I go through the exact thing when I go home, I actually really hate going home to my family. Since there is only three of us I get really lonely because I am not close with my parents at all. When I go home my parents and I always fight. I get so angry you have no idea.

chadf said...

One of the best is How to Lose a guy in 10 days. I have seen that way too many times though becuase that seems to be the only movie that my family and I can watch together.

Ms. Kakos said...
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Ms. Kakos said...

Tabitha--What's your obsession with Target? You have me curious. Only respond if it's appropriate to put on a class blog.

KaylaL said...
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JordanR said...

kayla- your number 4, i'm the exact same way :)

rachel- your number 2 i know how you feel, my dad lives in flordia and i barely get to see him so it feels like he has his own life there, and forgets us sometimes.

traci- your number 1, i'm like that sometimes too so don't worry your not the only one lol.

mackenize- you need to calm down with your obsession...just a little.

keiko- thats so cool you play the guitar! i would have never known that

TraciAnn said...

this is chelsea...again

mackenzie! i so remember that...in 5th grade mr sprague introduced us ha ha awe thats funny! and yeah doesnt that label suck big time!

mackenzief said...


I WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney C said...

I didn't have a 16th birthday either because my sister got married. I'm sad too.

I feel like I need to be the same as my sister too. It's really hard because there are a lot of things that makes us different and I feel like my parents won't love me the same.

I'm totally the same with being super happy with my life right now! I love my friends and family even though I do have to deal with a lot of crap too.

I know how you feel about taking a pill to make you happy everyday before you go anywhere. It really blows

I also can't trust people very well. I have been hurt too many times by people that I have trusted.

I totally eat a lot of food too...like more than my dad and my whole family!! :)

jenniferb said...

Travis-thats awesome that you like watching chick flick's! Which one is your favorite?! London has always seemed like a cool place to go so thats why I want to go there.

Jenna F said...

I like that movie Chad.... It's kind of hard to find a movie that your entire family can watch together, isn't it?

amandab said...

I don't remember who said the thing about not trusting people, but yeah I don't trust a single person, I thought I did but then things got messed up, the truth is everyone will hurt you, it's just the matter of who is worth the pain.

kaseyb said...

Thanks so much! haha you just made my day and lets have a birthday party okay??? O and yes I know that you love the smell of A.C. like especially in Alex's car!! haha Remember?

rachelf said...

whitney and chelsea and amanda-
haha yes! i totally agree i just think guys deoderent and cologne smells so good!

chelsea & mackenzie-
I'm really sorry about your dads!!

I had pochahauntus sheets when i was little haha

Travis, Jake and chad-
I love that you guys watch chick flicks! haha

teach me to surf too!! please!! :D

nathanb said...

Okay so basically I'm not close to my parents at all.
Thats why I got into some bad stuff last year.
Thats why I was in the hospital for a while.

Keiko A said...

Hey Jenna its cool that you watch japanese stuff, I used to also but that died when my grandparents saw me watching one and now every time I see them that is all we watch...but its still cool...I almost know how to speak it fluently now...but I still cant because that would take too much effort...

mackenzief said...

haha ya CHELSEA

well if you ever want to talk about that kind of stuff we should because we pretty much have the same things going on these days....

Keiko A said...
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TylerF said...

I would choose rain over snow, wind, or cold any day. Rainy days just make everything a little more fun.

I think I may be physically incapable of finishing what I start. And I have always wanted to be homeless and living out of like a car, but every time I tell someone they just think I am kidding.

Whitney C said...

Techno is my life!! haha don't worry I totally get made fun of a lot because I listen to so much techno!! Agreed with the whole heart beating to the song!! It's awesome!!

Ms. Kakos said...

Jason/Bandido--I think that Hitchcock kind of got a kick out of his last name. He definitely uses it in his films in some pretty entertaining ways. Of course, he probably didn't find it so funny when he was in middle school and kids were jerks to him about it.

BrookeG said...

I am commenting on Traci's...

I alos have a very hard time opening up to people because everytime I start to trust someone and let them in I end up hurt, so I figure it's easier to just not. And I also wish i was less afraid to take risks, Traci we're like twins!

I am also commenting on Chels's...

I am so sorry about your dad. And i completely agree when you say you like how different everyone is and it kills me when I see how mean other girls are.

jenniferb said...

Kasey- I definitely do think you are a stupid blonde! You are so smart! And I LOVE eggo waffles too! They're delicious!!!

jenniferb said...
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Jenna F said...

My 16th birthday sucked too.... I'm sorry you had to go to your sisters wedding, instead of have your birthday, Whitney.

Maria A. said...

Hey Travis! I had NO clue you like Chick flicks!!!! That is so amazing! haha I love chick flicks! Makes sense since I am a girl but still haha

nathanb said...

hmmm so im kinda in a really open mood after reading what everyone has said... which is EXTREMLY unusual for me.
anyways heres my
#6)im really scared of ending up alone. it never used to be a problem for me, but now that i actually have something worth holding onto, i really dont want to let it go.

hilary l said...

Whitty I wear guys deodorant too!!! So much better. Girls kind sucks because it only smells it doesn’t prevent sweat. I mean who do these people think we are. Girls sweat too!!

toreinm said...

Do You Ever Watch The Cheap Japanese Movies Where Their Mouths Don't Match Up With The Sounds?
Those Are Funnnnnnny. :D

Waittt. Why Won't You Let Anyone You Know Read Themmmm?
You Should Let ME Read Them. Cause I'm Specialer Than Everybody Else.
Not Really But We Should Pretend I Am So I Can Read Your Storiesss.

I Hide My Negative Emotionss. They Suck Though So That's Okeyyyy.

Oh Really? Well I'm Suckish At Business Stuff. So I'm Probably Gonna End Up Calling You When I'm 70-Something And Asking You For Help On Some Dumb Business Thinggg.

So Pretty Much That's It.

TraciAnn said...

this is chelsea...

tyler...i totally agree with your number 4! despite all the things i have to go through i love my life and i wouldn't trade anything for it either!!

Travisg said...

haha i don't know i lkie so many of them! what's your's? yeah that makes sense i think it would be cool to go there sometime but i don't know if i would live there, i don't like big city's very much! i would rather live in a small town!

Christine said...

Hey Maria!!!
I love singing with the radio too!! it's fun!! hahaha :)

I usually put freinds and what not first before myself too.

Little kids are the best!!! I love them, they are fricken awsome. Especially when they want to play super heros! hahaha

Hey Traci,
I have a hard time trusting people too. I can't tell people anything unless i know for sure i can trust them.

Maria A. said...

Torein! Silly goosy! haha I know being a kid is amazing!!!! And I know we both pretty much act like one but that just means we don't care what other people think and that we are cool! haha XOXO

Jenna F said...

Wow... Torin.... Uhhhh... yes... No way... that's too bad.

kaseyb said...

I know what you mean about not trusing people its really hard for me too! But I think you are really cool anyways! : )

KaylaL said...
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Tabitha said...

Allie- I agree with you when you say you got into bad stuff because you and your parents aren't close. I got into what I do cause I want to make my mom mad and show everyone how much I don't care but i do care.

Ms. Leclaire- it's embarrassing why I like to go to target, cause the one person who will never notice me works there.

allie f. said...

Jamie I totally have to agree with you on the whole your scared of ending up being alone. I am scared of that too and thats why I am really clingy to my friends and everything.

rachelf said...

I hate how catty girls are too! I just don't get how they can be so mean and be ok with it.

thats so cool how your half puerto rican! I never knew!!

are you scared of polka dots?

rachelf said...
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nathanb said...

If you don't let go, I won't.
If you do let go...I still won't.
Yer my favorite.

TraciAnn said...

this is chelsea..

mackenzie! yeah for sure we will i never thought anyone else felt this way so def!

KaylaL said...
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toreinm said...

Oh Dear Maria [Count Me In] Wow. Anywayyyy.
So Uh.
That Was Really Weirddd But Okey.

So Basically Yeah.
Being A Little Kid Was Fun.
Those Were The Times Where Your Biggest Problem Was When You're Slinky Was Tangled.
Which Is Still A Problem For Me But You Know.

ACTING Like A Kid Is Pretty Fun Too Though. But I Think That BEING A Kid Was More Funnnn. :D

jake a. said...

mackenzie thats pretty chill you are getting your pilots liscense i really want to.

mackenzief said...

thanks Rachel :)

and kayla, I love you.

and Chelsea, anytime.

TraciAnn said...
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TraciAnn said...
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